Travel Over The Word In Digital Reality

The 3d map RF planning and all other digital improvements have contributed our world the power of viewing our neighbourhood in a digital format using GPS. The introduction of Global Positioning server has paved way towards several new technologies. There are experienced engineers who have devoted their skills to the production of digital maps of various locations.

There are several services available near the map developers such as:

  • Data for Wireless planning – The Visicom manufacturers provide geodata at cost-effective prices for various wireless telecommunication industry which are of great value to their clients for the development of GSM networks. The wireless Geospatial data has improved the developments in maps.
  • 3D maps – The engineers professionalise in producing LOD1, LOD2, LOD3, LOD4 digital map RF planning for several locations within the requirement of the clients customized designs.
  • Geo spatial data – The vector data includes various geographical digital datasets in most high-def scales and GIS formats. The data classes include boundaries, settlements, addresses, railways, street roads, satellite images, terrain data, hydrography etc.
  • Elevation products – With an experience of digital elevation data in more than 50 countries and 3000 cities worldwide, Visicom helps in producing Digital terrain model, Digital Surface model, and Digital heights model. These find utility in natural resource mapping, energy management, natural disaster predication, tele commination networks planning etc., which are very much required in the meteorological department.
  • Population data – The population distribution model is an important element in designing a digital map because it helps to get a knowledge of population distribution with levels of details in a location.

The services of the 3D Digital Model mapping can be easily browsed through internet. There are specific firms which specializes in producing high-quality geo-data for telecommunication market, transport management, coordination, LBS, geo marketing, navigation etc. One can easily consult a professional about the details and check for various packages. For more information check


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