Visicom – Map The Accurate

In this digitally advanced world we just use our mobile phones to check the location and navigation routes. All these facilities are available from GPS which stands for the Global Positioning Server. A geographic system is a system designed to click, analyse & manage geographical images to present the geographical data. With the help of Global Positioning System (GPS) we can locate various places and locations. Due to availability of high volume of ready data, self-produced data processing technology, self-made developments of technology and manufacturing bases, the engineers have completed works which are exact and accurate.

Based on high technology of multiresolution & multisensory images processing, they produce precise & reliable 3d realistic maps for different locations and GIS application. The services available from digital map manufacturers are:

  • Organization and Location based services (LBS)
  • High quality Geo-data for transport management
  • High quality Geo-data for the needs of telecommunication market
  • Digital map RF planning
  • Geospatial data services

With the extension and diversification of GIS analysis application in different areas, need for 2D & 3D map RF planning and displaying of natural and urban landscapes is very important. The innovative GIS solution has been meeting demand in Geo simulation & carrying out spatial calculation with various project objectives for more than 20 years. The Visicom has attained high reputation by completing high quality 3D models of digital map of 600 telecom projects. It is a leading global data provider of a wide range of digital mapping products and they have successfully designed maps for approximately 500 cities.

The services can be easily browsed online. Their customers are provided with an access for accurate & recent geographical data. Some important projects include 3D digital models & 2D models to territories of Ethiopia, Kolkata, South Pacific countries, Republic states of South Africa & Singapore. With such precise services and well-integrated digital maps, the engineers have succeeded in helping a million people with location information. For more information check


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