Maps in the Digital World Have Really Changed Our Outlook

As time immemorial, we as humans are able to make our own ways, routes and maps. When we were used to live in caves at the that time we didn’t have knowledge about maps but we do have the knowledge about drawing pictures in a random & chaotic manner that used to describe or explain the routine or the normal jobs our ancestors used to do like hunting & dining with the family using bonfires. We can consider these drawings as the first maps that came into the picture. As humans progressed with time they indeed got the necessity to travel from one part to other part of the world in search for better living conditions, food and for all other basic necessities.

So while early humans were on the move like nomads, he also drew some pictures regarding the routes that are meant for others who will be requiring the same basic necessities as he used to require as traveller. So now gradually as time passed by we acquired skills to draw maps more clearly and efficiently that allowed us discover some new places, record some new events and create history in the same way as the Columbus did when he set his foot on North America for the first time. At that time, his sole aim was to reach India but due to various mistakes, errors and faults in his map his accidentally reached America as we know it today. At that time, it was a mistake that made history but the same can’t happen every time so we created something that is known as digital map that has more precise data & information regarding undiscovered places that can help navigators precisely without going into any trouble.

But sometimes the real question is that what will happen if we don’t want the normal data & information that we get on maps that are provided by normal internet based search engines. We are talking about the data that is more sophisticated and complicated in nature. Such a data is also known as geospatial data that is basically used by various governments, administrations, military & civilian personal as well as private builders to gather information in order to develop the land for their own specific purposes.

So in time if you want to gather land use data then it is better to use ground resources such survey teams and ground personnel for more ground specific information.

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