The Way Map Has Changed Our Outlook towards the World

Anyone who might be new to the geography classes might be wondering how humans started the use of maps for centuries that helped us in finding our locations correctly in case if we were lost track of our sea route while travelling through high seas. At that time, we don’t have global positioning system that is known as GPS. According to our known human history, we have been using maps since centuries that helped us in marking & making new routes, locations as well as updating the land use data that eventually help us build a full-fledged map that we see it today completed with every continent, country, states, territories, islands and sub-islands etc.


But the million dollar question is that what if you don’t want a usual data that you get on maps provided by various search engines like Safari or Google, but an unusual data that is also sometimes known as geospatial data that is an unusual data set that can be used to get data on land use or conventional area, maybe the catchment areas of a school, all of which is a vital stuff for the people. Here you need the services of the digital mapping organisation that has the capability and authorisation to access the maps that the ordnance survey produces & lots of data that they have collected, so that they can cover the information for you.


So until now, it is clear to all of us that mapping of data is only possible via a digital map that is available online in the form of interactive map sites that are available online including Google Map, Yahoo map, Microsoft enabled MapPoint etc. These online based maps are regularly & naturally used as direction tools, for mapping road & route planner. So possibly these new age map tools help us in various ways that have been mentioned just above. The foremost in them is the feature that help is finding popular landmarks, buildings, parks, bars, offices etc. In conclusion, I would rather say that we have come a long way in the development of maps.

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