Highly Commercial Digital Data Products for Complete Wireless Solution

img12Visicom.ua is one of the emerging independent research and development, elaborating solutions for the larger societal issues of today. We are at visicom.ua provide innovative and high quality of solutions and advises industry and governments in determining their policy for the future. We are expertise in the field of land use data, can make recommendations to companies and we can help to achieve that with our specialist censor, predictive model and geo –information solution is able to ensure that the decision taken are backed by scientific and technological research. Built with passion and advanced technology, our land use for data is cost effective .Even after the entry of indigenous and multinational competitors visicom.ua remains the preferred source of digital map data for consumers given their superiority in terms of quality, coverage and freshness.

img5_bigThere are two ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase profitability-leverage technology and embrace business process management. As a leading geospatial data provider, we offer smart solutions to organization across geographies and industry verticals and empower them while accelerating the growth of their businesses. We at visicom.ua have a proven track record of responding to our customer needs and delivering smart services that meet their requirements.

img3We are also known for global designer and manufacturer of cable and antenna systems with active and passive radio frequency map with total package solution for the wireless industry. We provide RF systems solutions for cell based mobile communications, radio –link networks, LM/PMR etc. With extensive years of providing services, we offer an unmatched cutting edge engineering capabilities; superior field support and innovative product design to our global customers. We seek to be the preferred global supplier in the wireless industry by serving our clients with superior customer service. If you have any queries or suggestion for us then you can visit our website and checkout our services.


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