Emerging Digital Mapping Requirements for Businesses

Visicom.ua is the first innovative and fast emerging digital map provider company , having vast experience in providing cutting edge and advanced digital map solution to the global clients. Different digital map level has different information like national and provincial highways, urban city major Street, major transportation terminus name and location. With professional land surveying and expert team of knowledgeable proficiency we are able to implemented many systems with superior high quality of digital map and GIS database. We act as the independent consultant and system integration to help client to design system from higher level problem identification, software and hardware evaluation to purchase of system tools and GIS dataset. With vast experience and sound knowledge, we are providing not only high standard of feasible solution but also execute the physical design with system training and maintenance services.

img3We create and adopt realistic 3d digital model that is high quality and visually appealing. Our digital techniques set high standards for precision and accuracy to measure up and compliment our high stature of efficient work. We strive to create innovative digital products and technologies for enhanced communication, captivating entertainment, compelling analysis and decision making. With support from our customers, employees and investors, we are delivering world class 3d visualization solutions in the world. Our company also benefits from continuous collaboration with industry leading business partners to excel in the competitive business market.

We are also engaged in specializing of rf map systems. Our team of expert engineers empowered with world class facilities and resources. The expert in house production team in our manufacturing division works closely with our development team to develop and implement a reliable and cost effective product to ensure highest levels of both performance and satisfy our valued customer. If you are interested in our services then please browse our website and make your preferred choice.


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