3D Imaging And RF Planning Has Broadened The Scopes Of GPS

The introduction of digital innovations in world such as RF planning, 3D imaging, geological parameters imaging etc., have taken our technology to new heights. These portrayals of world in a 3D picture are one of the best commitments of the researchers to the GPS innovation. The accessibility of high volume of prepared information, self-created information handling innovation and independent improvements of mechanical and assembling bases has expanded the geodata portfolio. The specialists likewise give benefits on computerized landscape show, advanced surface model, and advanced statures demonstrate. The administrations on 2D and 3D mapping offered can be ordered as information for remote arranging, computerized outline arranging, geospatial information, rise items, populace information. The associations have some expertise in delivering advanced 3D maps which are created from high determination stereo sets and precise satellite symbolism.

img5_bigThere are many designers giving data organizations to GIS customer gathering. Since years, the pros have satisfied the necessities of media transmission exhibit, transport organization, coordination, LBS and course digitalisation among others. The masters use 3d map RF planning which is a sensible 3D computerized outline which uses high assurance flying picture. The association has reasonable involvement in



  • 3D illustrating – The 3D showing industry is making efficiently after the introduction of GPS. Various information can be consolidated into the land information system using 3D showing. The utilization of 3D showing joins urban orchestrating, design and building, crisis response, and the geomodeller which gives a straightforward practical UI, 3d watcher and distinctive showing limits.
  • Digital map RF planning – As a provider of topographical information, the association makes creative things and answers for remote media transmission and diverse purposes everywhere. They supply the obliged information to develop a guide, for instance, advanced domain show, computerized rise appears, arrive use illustrate, vector/straight data, 3d outline arranging.

The geospatial data mapping services can be availed online and one can consult a professional about the services. The services are high pixeled, reliable and cost-effective. Check out https://visicom.ua/ for more information.



Travel Over The Word In Digital Reality

The 3d map RF planning and all other digital improvements have contributed our world the power of viewing our neighbourhood in a digital format using GPS. The introduction of Global Positioning server has paved way towards several new technologies. There are experienced engineers who have devoted their skills to the production of digital maps of various locations.

There are several services available near the map developers such as:

  • Data for Wireless planning – The Visicom manufacturers provide geodata at cost-effective prices for various wireless telecommunication industry which are of great value to their clients for the development of GSM networks. The wireless Geospatial data has improved the developments in maps.
  • 3D maps – The engineers professionalise in producing LOD1, LOD2, LOD3, LOD4 digital map RF planning for several locations within the requirement of the clients customized designs.
  • Geo spatial data – The vector data includes various geographical digital datasets in most high-def scales and GIS formats. The data classes include boundaries, settlements, addresses, railways, street roads, satellite images, terrain data, hydrography etc.
  • Elevation products – With an experience of digital elevation data in more than 50 countries and 3000 cities worldwide, Visicom helps in producing Digital terrain model, Digital Surface model, and Digital heights model. These find utility in natural resource mapping, energy management, natural disaster predication, tele commination networks planning etc., which are very much required in the meteorological department.
  • Population data – The population distribution model is an important element in designing a digital map because it helps to get a knowledge of population distribution with levels of details in a location.

The services of the 3D Digital Model mapping can be easily browsed through internet. There are specific firms which specializes in producing high-quality geo-data for telecommunication market, transport management, coordination, LBS, geo marketing, navigation etc. One can easily consult a professional about the details and check for various packages. For more information check https://visicom.ua/

Visicom – Map The Accurate

In this digitally advanced world we just use our mobile phones to check the location and navigation routes. All these facilities are available from GPS which stands for the Global Positioning Server. A geographic system is a system designed to click, analyse & manage geographical images to present the geographical data. With the help of Global Positioning System (GPS) we can locate various places and locations. Due to availability of high volume of ready data, self-produced data processing technology, self-made developments of technology and manufacturing bases, the engineers have completed works which are exact and accurate.

Based on high technology of multiresolution & multisensory images processing, they produce precise & reliable 3d realistic maps for different locations and GIS application. The services available from digital map manufacturers are:

  • Organization and Location based services (LBS)
  • High quality Geo-data for transport management
  • High quality Geo-data for the needs of telecommunication market
  • Digital map RF planning
  • Geospatial data services

With the extension and diversification of GIS analysis application in different areas, need for 2D & 3D map RF planning and displaying of natural and urban landscapes is very important. The innovative GIS solution has been meeting demand in Geo simulation & carrying out spatial calculation with various project objectives for more than 20 years. The Visicom has attained high reputation by completing high quality 3D models of digital map of 600 telecom projects. It is a leading global data provider of a wide range of digital mapping products and they have successfully designed maps for approximately 500 cities.

The services can be easily browsed online. Their customers are provided with an access for accurate & recent geographical data. Some important projects include 3D digital models & 2D models to territories of Ethiopia, Kolkata, South Pacific countries, Republic states of South Africa & Singapore. With such precise services and well-integrated digital maps, the engineers have succeeded in helping a million people with location information. For more information check https://visicom.ua/

New Age Maps & Models with Their Outstanding Features

The modern age has entered a new phrase, where everything gets digital including maps that are known as digital map or maps. These maps contain elaborate information that has been acquired directly by man-made satellites, that easily takes pictures of the landmass and sends them to the database computers. Such maps contain even miniscule details that are previously not available on paper or chart oriented maps. Any person can operate these maps with just touching them with his or her finger tips and can also zoom into the map to get greater details of the landmass in the same way like camera is zoomed in to have better, closer, and clear picture of the person or the object to take the snap.

In the same way, 3d realistic maps are used to give the realistic representation of the location with area, important places, and objects more easily that can be understandable even for an average person. Such types of advanced maps are significant for various purposes and applications in fields & departments like environmental management, urban planning, web applications, virtual reality based games, territorial marketing, tourism, planning of utility networks, real estate marketing, dealing with disaster, wireless network planning as well as showing or highlighting new realistic models of smart cities. These realistic maps are also important especially for people visiting the area for first time and it can help them in showing the precise direction. For example, you might have seen such realistic maps present at the lobby of a high-rise hotel or company showing directions in an understandable fashion.

Now, population distribution model is the next best thing in the line, it is mostly used for important complimentary element of mapping data for wireless network planning & optimization. This type of model allows process values of population distribution with various levels of details from countrywide areas to separate cities. This type of model is mostly used for segregating and classifying population  into different sections. This type of model has two types of formats such as Vector model & Raster model. For more detailed information, please visit the official web page of Visicom. Visit Link:- http://www.visicom.ua

Planning of Cities & Towns with The Help of Digital & Radio Frequency Maps & Planning

As ordinary people we are always amazed on how these great and huge cities are planned before getting established on the ground. It is not like it was planned overnight and work got started. Actually, it does not happen like that and planning a city or town is not such a simple or easy issue as we think it in our minds. It takes years of planning and even after establishing a city or town, the planning still constantly takes place to make the city or town more perfect to live in and improve it for further expansion in future. Actually, radio frequency planning is used to make a blue print of the city that helps the planning team to get an exact idea on how the city must be planned.


Next comes the radio frequency map that is based on models and planning that is more or less like frequency chart that will describe or show, where the signals are high or low, fluctuating, minimal or haphazard etc.  Besides that, there are various other tools and applications that comes in handy such as Radio Frequency Identification or in short RFID that is known for identifying aircraft in flight during the second world war but after the war was over, this technology is basically used in security applications, building access, road tolls & key fobs. It is basically an infrastructure based technology that has given its contribution in shaping the infrastructure of the cities and leave a huge impact on nearly every business procedure.


In the same way, digital map or maps also helped a lot in changing the world, basically after the arrival of computers, digitalization of the maps gained the main priority and as the years passed by, all such maps are rapidly developed. In the present world, we are using GPS, smartphones, personal computers and tabs to view all such maps. For more detailed information, please visit various genuine online portals such as Visicom that will provide with all the related and detailed information.

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Maps in the Digital World Have Really Changed Our Outlook

As time immemorial, we as humans are able to make our own ways, routes and maps. When we were used to live in caves at the that time we didn’t have knowledge about maps but we do have the knowledge about drawing pictures in a random & chaotic manner that used to describe or explain the routine or the normal jobs our ancestors used to do like hunting & dining with the family using bonfires. We can consider these drawings as the first maps that came into the picture. As humans progressed with time they indeed got the necessity to travel from one part to other part of the world in search for better living conditions, food and for all other basic necessities.

So while early humans were on the move like nomads, he also drew some pictures regarding the routes that are meant for others who will be requiring the same basic necessities as he used to require as traveller. So now gradually as time passed by we acquired skills to draw maps more clearly and efficiently that allowed us discover some new places, record some new events and create history in the same way as the Columbus did when he set his foot on North America for the first time. At that time, his sole aim was to reach India but due to various mistakes, errors and faults in his map his accidentally reached America as we know it today. At that time, it was a mistake that made history but the same can’t happen every time so we created something that is known as digital map that has more precise data & information regarding undiscovered places that can help navigators precisely without going into any trouble.

But sometimes the real question is that what will happen if we don’t want the normal data & information that we get on maps that are provided by normal internet based search engines. We are talking about the data that is more sophisticated and complicated in nature. Such a data is also known as geospatial data that is basically used by various governments, administrations, military & civilian personal as well as private builders to gather information in order to develop the land for their own specific purposes.

So in time if you want to gather land use data then it is better to use ground resources such survey teams and ground personnel for more ground specific information.

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RF Map Is The Perfect And Accurate Way Of Looking The World

To execute any work we need planning and mapping, whether it is to plan for any occasion, to construct a building or even travelling to new place, without any proper blue print or foresight everything looks blurry. In today’s time we are blessed with so many technologies that we rarely feel pain or stressed out for planning. Major advancement in the field of mapping has changed our perception to view the world. All credits goes to digital map that has minimised the distance between farthest points on the earth. No one could have wondered that the maps drawn on papers, used for travelling would be now available in the whole new incredible digital format.


Basically if we get into the details of digital maps, it works on the principle of radio frequency planning or widely known as RF Planning. It is a unique and intelligent approach to utilise the wavelength and frequency of radio waves in transferring data. It is the feature of radio wave to travel effortlessly despite of boundaries of countries or seas but only interfered when similar wave of wavelength and frequency crosses its path. So this property is exploited in various forms such as in wireless communication. We use cell phones every hour a day for communication and browsing internet, and of course we are very much dependent on it. So it becomes sole responsibility of the telecom companies to improve their coverage and network strength to satisfy their customer. Consequently RF mapping has nurtured the wireless networking a lot which is why we can speak to a person who is far away regardless of remote area or higher altitude.

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Additionally radio frequency map is also used in dealing with disasters and environmental management. It is quiet beneficiary to the real estate marketing especially in planning for a town or city. The satellite based digital images are highly resolute and accurate to display each and every single minute detail.

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